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How are We Different??


At Haven Manor, people ease into assisted living. It's pleasant, much easier, and more enjoyable than you might expect for everyone involved.


You just plan one move.


We have a wide range of care available. Most health changes can be handled right here in our secure building, so you probably won't need to move...and you'll receive consistent personal care.


Most services are included. You don't pay extra charges for most incidentals, or have to find and pay for expensive outside agency help.


Couples needing a mix of independent and assisted living are able to live together, paying only for the services each one needs.


Expect to be cared-for as an individual.  Meaningful relationships and socializing in the common areas are a big part of what makes Haven Manor feel like neighborhood.  Be safe and appreciated...not "small fish in a big pond".


One level convenience.  It's like a real home, everything is close and easy to access. No dependence on stairs or elevators, no long distances to the dining room or activities that leave you exhausted when you get there.


We have an excellent Activities program with a variety of activities scheduled on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  Click here or on our Calendar button (above) to see what�s planned.


The residents' well-being is our main focus.


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